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When Orangebox designed a task chair which required the seat appearing to “float”, they called on their partner of choice Linear Plastics. The partnership benefits for Orangebox collaborating with Linear Plastics include DFM and advice on polymer selection feeding into tooling design and manufacture whilst utilising their chosen suites of CAD & CAM and supported by their state of the art in-house toolroom. Further through into insert over-moulding together with the requisite automation, and on to recycling and end-of-life.



When your customer presents you with a project which is geometrically complex, technically challenging, and also includes an over-moulded insert, a competent engineered solution is essential to ensure the supply of quality product. Structural requirements, space constraints and significant wall thickness changes throughout the component further combined to test the engineering skills of the Linear Plastics team.



Utilising moulding simulation software, the Linear Team were able to confidently predict deviations and then manufacture the tooling to compensate, producing a part of the requisite quality. The addition of automated insert loading and de-moulding ensured a very consistent cycle time and was key to delivering a competently engineered solution.